In floral decoration and event management segments, preserved roses don't need the retail packaging. In the Rose Box segment, roses are packed in the final packaging, generally, at the very end of a long journey from the manufacturer to the chic showcase – in our customers' workshops. Therefore, almost all our customers choose bulk shipment in commercial packaging to cut transportation costs and ensure the flexibility of future sales opportunities.
Preserved roses commercial packing
Consequently, we have in-depth experience in retaining shape, color and fresh appearance of preserved roses in global transportation, regardless of the distance and delivery time. We offer shipments in specially designed boxes (Cartons Master, CM) with a capacity of 80 to 1200 roses, depending on the flower size. Also, XL and XXL roses can be pre-packed in individual window boxes and Classic and Large – in window boxes of 6-9 pieces, but this reduces the number of roses in one CM and makes the process less environmentally friendly.
Stemmed preserved roses commercial packing
When delivering stemmed roses the optimal logistics solution would be the Stemmed Rose Kit, but if you need the industrial assembly the flowers are packed vertically in the specially designed CM, 100 to 200 units depending on the stem length. Almost all our packaging materials are recyclable, and we try to avoid the use of plastic, but if necessary, we choose environmentally friendly types only.