Inspired by preserved flowers, but not sure how and where to begin? Struggling to grow your existing small floral business? We are here to offer tailor-made consulting services aimed at adding Rose Box to your product line. Preserved Rose Boxes became an upward trend in 2017 and quickly turned into an everyday concept in luxury floral gifting and interior design segments.
Preserved roses Rose Box

To generate sales and revenue this product needs to be properly brought to market and this is the point where professional business advice comes into play! To give your project a jumpstart we carefully guide startups and small business owners through important steps, sharing diverse experience, business insight, and practical solutions. The proven success stories are available upon request.

Typically, we add value and business help in the following services:


We are not hired to write a business plan, we help you refine your business model and revise it twice, so your final actual vision is based on reality. All or most of the following components are included in our business planning service:

Niche Overview – a correct actual introduction to the product segment.

Market Opportunity – a brief analysis of consumers’ segments and their financial prospects in terms of revenue, growth, trends, etc.

Consistent Visual Branding – creating the unique brand name and the eye-catching original logo.

Operations – how will you get things done? This includes everything from choosing the proper showroom location and interior design through workshop production to rose boxes selection.


Rose Box niche success is highly dependent on reaching the most relevant target groups with the products best matching their needs and habits. To get things done it is essential to perform an independent geographic segmentation and competition research on your territory and discover ultimate ways to create and market your perfect product line and services.

Our marketing services include:

Competition – understanding your local and regional territory competitive landscape in as much detail as possible. Identifying the direct and indirect competitors around you, analyzing their product line(s) to integrate this data into the marketing strategy and operations.

Product Line Creation – studying location-based attributes of a floral market and further determining the product relevance to specific geographic variables (territory, location, populations, consuming habits, cultural preferences, etc). Selecting roses colors, sizes, collections and rose boxes concept matching the identified patterns.


Web marketing as compared with traditional marketing forms is a set of creative, focused, flexible and cost-effective digital tools that build relationships rather than annoy the consumers you are trying to reach. A bunch of floral startups and small business owners have either avoided or misused it all together using the lack of time and/or funds as an excuse. To fill this gap we offer services delivering contemporary digital marketing solutions.

The Website

With 3.5 billion active users across the globe, social media has become synonymous with digital marketing. But the real place where most people will interact with your business is your website! Both your marketing activities and contact details will most likely send customers to the corporate website on the front line. In the e-commerce model, the real personalized B2C experience will start as soon as your customers arrive on your website regardless of where their entry point is.

The high performance of the website is very important to digital marketing strategy. A quality website is a usable, responsive, high converting, competitive, brand reflecting, quick, and optimized for search engines web application. And that is all you need to know about your Web presence – we will hire a highly-skilled web design and development team to create a new or redesign the existing website to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.

Social Media

Social media, as mentioned above, has become an important brand awareness and product promotion tool and is essential for a Rose Box sales project. But launching a commercial social media campaign is not fun and to not get lost at the end of the path you will need a plan based on our professional expertise.

Within a geographical segmentation study, we will test and determine social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) that are more effective in enhancing your traffic growth. To close the deal we will guide you through managing your social profiles and, most importantly, doing it right.

Social Media Advertising

Social networks monetize their users’ profile information to display highly relevant paid ads within personal interactions with a user. In many instances, social commercial advertising provides a great conversion increase from day one at a lower cost.

We know how it works for the Rose Box business and we can provide the most accurate strategies to generate consistent ROI. We will help you choose between the trending types of social media platforms (networking, microblogging, photo/video sharing, etc) and accurately allocate your budgets between the most efficient channels (Instagram, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc).


To keep your team up to date with contemporary industry standards and trends and to make your existing processes more effective we provide them, off-site or on-site, with the expertise in:

Sales channels. Online sales vs retail sales.

Rose Boxes production and other floral arrangements opportunities.

Inventory management.

Warehouse operations optimization.

Should you take an informal session in your office or move your training to an off-site facility – it depends on your specific needs and situations. Together we will choose the optimal option which Is going to best answer a need or solve a problem.


Once implemented your Rose Box project is not yet fully operational. To bring it to a successful completion everything that is necessary for smooth running operations should be arranged. During this follow-up phase we will assist you with:

Order preparation process – understanding our roses’ path from farm to your Rose Box.

Inventory demand forecasting – predicting the future demand for your rose boxes.

Seasonal demand fluctuations management – making the most of seasonal sales.

Supply base optimization – identifying the right suppliers of boxes, materials, and services and establishing the right relationship with them.

Managing imports – understanding the supply chain implications and regulations.

If you believe Rosenstab might be a solution to your Preserved Rose Box startup idea, do not hesitate to contact us at any time! Please note that we might need to identify you and to ask for additional information in order to best serve your needs and expectations.