Rosenstab is a distributor for Ecuador Forever preserved roses and plants. Ecuador Forever is one of the most renowned manufacturers and exporters of premium quality preserved flowers, plants, and greenery from Ecuador.

Preserved (also known as eternal, everlasting) flowers and plants are a relatively new product that has constituted a new fast-developing world flower market niche providing florists, decorators, designers, and event managers with stunning new opportunities. Due to phytosanitary purity and hypoallergenicity of preserved flowers, the new segments have appeared, like medical, educational, and other institutions where traditional floral decorations are limited by epidemiological regulators.

Rose is our most famous and glamourous product, but other preserved flowers, fillers, and greenery are the obvious upward floristic trend. Our product line contains perhaps the best eternal roses in the world, as well as hydrangeas, sunflowers, herbs, and fillers of premium quality.

Beauty and the Beast New York premier press wall
Beauty and the Beast NY premier press wall

Mission and Vision

All our roses are grown and manufactured in the valley of the Cayambe volcano - the world capital of the most beautiful and high-quality roses in the world. Every day, this land loses 6 million living flowers to please the planet with its beauty for a few days in a vase. Rosenstab helps to reduce the global consumption of freshly cut roses by dozens of times while offering an unlimited palette of shades and unique decorative solutions for roses that visually and tactfully do not differ from fresh samples, remaining “alive” up to three years.

As a distributor for Ecuador Forever's unique products, we do not doubt that we are making the world more beautiful today. But we look to the future, where we see ourselves as the most competent, technologically equipped manufacturer of preserved roses and plants of premium quality. If you share our values and participate or are looking for modern investment projects, please contact us.

A luxury Rose Box
A luxury Rose Box

Quality and Service

Rosenstab offers premium quality products, and our customers are typically engaged in the luxury and premium consumer segments. Therefore, maintaining the highest product quality has been and remains our top priority and competitive advantage. At the same level, we treat our services - from specifically designed commercial packaging and the organization of the best logistics solutions to consultations on creating your new product line or launching your new project.

Guerlain showroom decorated with preserved roses
A premium brand showroom decoration

Environmental Care

The production and consumption of preserved roses and plants provide clear environmental benefits:

Our product does not require water for care, and its lifetime is up to 100 times higher than a freshly cut rose in a vase. This means that a single stabilized rose will save about 450% of freshwater during its lifetime compared to a regular rose in a vase in the same period of time.

The preservation technology uses the flower at its maximum, most beautiful, opening point which allows the growers to keep the buds on the stems as long as possible, minimizing the soil regeneration processes and reducing the concentration of the pesticide in soil and air.

The flower preservation process only uses safe organic compounds and FDA-approved food dyes from the most reliable and responsible suppliers. Preserved roses are all but generating waste either at the production stage or during long-term consumption, unlike about 6 million withered flowers thrown into the garbage every day in the world. Our commercial export packaging almost entirely consists of recyclable components.

2019 Oscars stage decorated with preserved roses
2019 Oscars stage decoration


Being an Ecuador Forever distributor, Rosenstab provides all the customers with additional guarantees of product origin and business standards that will apply in our relationships.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance certificate was obtained by Ecuador Forever in 2015 as the confirmation of compliance with the Sustainable Agricultural Network standards in flower production. The Rainforest Alliance is an international biodiversity organization working at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests to make responsible business the new standard.

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

Since 2015 Ecuador Forever is a Business Alliance for Secure Commerce certified company. BASC is an international business alliance that promotes safe trade and generates a security culture in cooperation with Governments, border agencies, control authorities, and international organizations.